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Professional Organizer of The Villages/MQ helps you feel less stressed and overwhelmed by some of the unwanted clutter in your home. A feeling of peace comes over you when you enter any room that Margey has organized for you.

Price: Minimum $35 per project and then we will discuss how much more you would like to have done and we come to an agreeable price that will be satisfactory for both of us.

  • Speaks to customer and has a full consultation before beginning any project
  • Phone Consultations Available with Photos & Details
  • Organize, Declutter, Color-Coordinate, Throw Away or repurpose unwanted items and clutter
  • Speak to Customer Before Beginning Organizational Project
  • Can Get Containers & Organization Products on Behalf of Clients if Requested
  • Paperwork Filing & Organizing
  • Closets
  • Kitchens
  • Drawers
  • Refrigerators
  • Bathrooms
  • Cabinets
  • Pantries
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Garages
  • Garages Sales

Organize Closets

(Putting skirts together, slacks together, etc. They can be color coordinated, purses displayed properly. Help in the decision to downsize some of your clothing.) In addition, with your approval, she will purchase and use skinny, felt hangers to ensure your clothing is taken care of in a clean and efficient manner. *additional fees may apply

Organize home areas

Any area inside your home, including all sections of the kitchen, etc. (food pantries, refrigerators, drawers in kitchens, laundry rooms, bathroom cabinets, and more. Things are labeled so easily found and extremely neat!)

Organize Offices

Organize papers, filing, offices (I organize and downsize all your papers. Filing and labeling them so they are easy to find and not overwhelming to you.)

Organize Garages

She will declutter organize, and remove all unwanted articles to make room for your shiny car! 

Professional Organizer in The Villages, FL and Neighboring Communities

Margey Quinto is a home organization specialist who thinks “outside the box” helping her clients who want their home free of clutter. She will see that every item has its own space. Now things can be found quickly! She brings joy and peace to her clients making them feel less overwhelmed!
MQ Professional Organizer of The Villages/Margey is unmatched in professionalism and leaving her clients with a smile on their face and excited to highly recommend her to their friends! NOTICE THE BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES BELOW!

Home, Office, & More
Organization Services

Need your home organized? Feeling stressed? Let Professional Organizer of The Villages in Florida help organize any aspect of your home or office. Owner Margey Quinto can help you organize and declutter your property while bringing you peace of mind.

Refrigerator Before

Refrigerator After; Organized & Labeled

Kitchen Cabinet Before

Kitchen Cabinet After

Closet Before

Closet After

Margey has garage sales for you

Organized Closet; Color coordinated using skinny felt hangers

Garage Before

Garage After

Happy Client Reviews & References

“I wanted to sell my house, but my realtor advised me I needed to get rid of my clutter before it was sold. I contacted Professional Organizer of The Villages/ MQ and she was a “Miracle Lady”,  she brought so much joy to us by making our home clutter free!! As soon as she was finished my house sold quickly!” – Eileen Boudreau

“Professional Organizer of The Villages/Margey came into my home and relieved so much stress for me by organizing all my papers with a place for everything so I could find it easier. I recommend her business to anyone who needs to feel peace in their home.” –  Joanne Kelly

“MQ Organizer walked in like “Mary Poppins” and BOOM we threw away 9 black trash bags of items I was holding onto for no reason at all. I now feel calm as everything in my home is so easy to find. She labeled things so I will always put them back in the same place! I love her!” – Jean Roti

“MQ Organizer made my study look like I never thought it could look. I was amazed! Everything had a place and it was so lovely! I suggest you call MQ Organizer at (772) 708-6064 (Professional Organizer of The Villages) ” – Sue Brooks

“MQ Organizer made my drawers look so organized and now everything is easy to find! Since they are labeled, I now put them back where they should be. I so appreciated the hard and beautiful job she did for me!!” – Del Paden

“I was an elementary school teacher for over 20 years and nominated as teacher of the year. While teaching I was also a deacon and elder of my church while heading the church’s youth group. I was voted into outstanding women of America and Who’s Who in American Education. I was the top area manager of World Book in WV, PA, OH, and IL. My whole life I have loved to keep busy and help others! After retiring I became a Bridge teacher and director. I ran my own bridge club called Margey’s Bridge Club.

In 2020 I felt it was time for a change in my life, so I enrolled in Dorothy Breininger’s class to become a professional organizer. Dorothy is a well known professional organizer who is now hosting the TV show Hoarders. She has authored five books and appeared on many television shows helping people see how they can get rid of clutter and have a beautifully organized life. Although I have attended many other classes on organizing by other professionals I will continue to do so until I can no longer learn new tricks. I don’t think that day will ever come because EVERY day I learn something new to help me organize your home and bring you peace.”

Margey Quinto

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